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Companies dream about having real-time information on what customers think about them.
Today's customers have very specific habits in social media: visually attractive content, building on the right moment creates high intimacy and willingness to share.

here at the pixrating we are transforming real customer experience into actionable business data

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 more than 500 000 ratings in various businesses

our customers in Hungary, UK, Finland, Sweden and Canada

 pixrating demo

  1. download pixrating app from App Store or Google Play

  2. start the pixrating app

  3. then enter pixrating@coffee for our demo

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customer experience measure point (CEMP)

by pixrating

building on the right moment, where your customers wait a minute:

  • at the reception,

  • at the cashier desk,

  • waiting for the bill…


  • iPad or Android tablet

  • console – best fit to measure point: floor stand, desk stand, wall-mounted frame

  • internet access

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we are selling data for businesses where
customer experience matters

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